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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

poetry for children

Códigos promocionales y cupones descuento.
Poetry is a literary art often unknown in Spanish households . In many families where read few books , poetry is not even contemplated as a possibility for artistic and emotional stimulation for children.

Some say that poetry is not fashionable . Instead, they write many books, poetry collections or blogs also for children : children's poetry .

Poetry helps children discover and develop a lot of things , and to improve communication and feedback with parents.

Benefits of poetry for children

Poetry is an art form that parents and children immersed in the language . It becomes a game , and opens the field to find and improve ways to communicate and express feelings , emotions and sensitivity of the whole family.

From small children associate poetry with musicality , rhythm , melody ... playing at home to recite poetry, read poetry , to invent help us deepen paired with children in the use of language , expression, locution , grammar , diction and body language .

For parents we introduce in this world , you have to start in a light and entertaining . We can find music , short poems , lullabies , folk songs ... Many of these pieces can help us talk to our children about difficult topics such as love , sadness , relationships , heartbreak , beauty ...

There are poems for all tastes and all ages. Encourage your children to write their own poems and I read them . Try to find out what you say to him, and explain what do you see in the poems you read in family. Discussion with children your views and theirs.

The nursery rhyme is a genre in itself, and you can find both poems for children , as written by children . Share your art with other children , or internte , or simply on a cork board at home.

education in sevilla: family town

Seville is the capital of the province with the same name , and of the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is a perfect combination of the advantages of a big city , and the restlessness of Southern life in Spain .

Sevilla education of our children is a highly recommended alternative . Sevilla is one of the leading cities of Spain , located in a privileged area and within walking distance of Madrid, the mountains and the coast. Both as a residence as a vacation destination , will delight the family.

Education in Seville, a privilege

Seville is a traditionally family and society. Life happens a lot in the streets , bars , parks ... Seville is a lively city that will delight any family. Staying at home is impossible.

If we have children can enjoy the city in full : Alamillo enjoy the park , the gardens of the Alcazar , Maria Luisa Park and Amate Park . Its privileged climate makes the family can enjoy what the city offers throughout the year.

Sevilla , culture in every corner

The capital of Seville condition makes it one of the economic and cultural centers of southern Spain . Its university, is the second largest in Andalusia , behind that of Granada , and the number 11, Spain .

The cultural offer is unprecedented : the Islamic heritage and folk tradition are at every corner. Monuments such as the Giralda , the Cathedral and the Alcazar and Archivo de Indias ( a UNESCO world heritage site ) . No less known is the Golden Tower and offers activities for children and parents are endless .

You must stop the Museum of Fine Arts, the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Flamenco Dance .

parents for artificial insemination

The desire to be parents, to expand the family, spends many times artificial reproduction techniques . One of the best known is artificial insemination .

The profile of the prospective parents who want to undergo artificial insemination is diverse The walking groups this technique more often single mothers, LGBT couples , or families with minor health problems for fertilization. This is one of the safest forms of artificial fertilization and simple , made ​​known to the public as many celebrity moms have decided to have children in this way .

Having children via artificial insemination

The first step for parents who want to have children in this way is to go to the family doctor to hear the advice of a professional. Here will disseminate a little what this process is usually done in private clinics.

Insemination involves artificially introducing sperm of the father ( or donor ) to the mother's egg . This process consists of 3 phases :

    Stimulation of eggs : not all mothers need. Sometimes it induces ovulation. This also increases the chances of having several children ( multiple pregnancy ) .
    Preparation of semen: sperm are selected "live" the father or donor.
    Insemination : a cannula introduces sperm into the uterus of the mother. It is painless and does not require admission to a hospital or anesthesia .

Artificial insemination typically have a 20% success , and depend on the quality of sperm from the father ( which must meet a minimum ) and that at least one of the fallopian tubes is permeable mother .

The price is around 1500 euros per session. Another possibility is to become donor parent .